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              ABOUT JINTAI


       JiangXi JinTai Special Material Limited Liability Company is a specialized manufacturer of high-tech ceramic materials and tower packings, we are a member company of JINTAI Group. Our manufacturing plant is located in the industrial ceramic and tower packing center of China, we have both technical and cost advantages, we believe we can offer cost-effective products and service to you!
     Our products have been exported to over 50 countries, such as USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, UAE, Iran, Korea, India, etc.
    We have regular stock for urgent shipment by the following means of transportation:

  • Ocean Shipping:
    Asia(7-15days), Mid-east(20-25days), Europe(30days), North America(20-30days)

  • Air Shipping: 1week to anywhere in the world

       JINTAI is ISO 9001:2000 and SGS certified quality management. Best quality, customized service, intime delivery are the fundamental codes of our company.

Jiangxi Jintai Special Material LLC main products line:
Ceramic foam filter(Capacity No.1 in China),Ceramic Tap Out Cone,  Ceramic Foundry Filter, Ceramic Honeycombs, Ceramic Acid Resistant brick, Ceramic Grinding Ball, and Tower Packings(including Pall ring, Rachig ring, Saddle ring, Cascade ring, Conjugate ring, Tellerette Rosette ring, VSP ring, Inert ceramic balls and Corrugated Structured Packings).

JINTAI Group have annual capacity of 20000M3 on various ceramic products. JINTAI Group also invested 10million US dollars in Chrome Metal, Titanium Sponge and Alloying Tablets product and become the top supplier around the world. Our annual turnover are approx 30million USD. We have 50,000M2 ceramic plants, 100,000M2 metallurgy products plants, nearly 400 long-term workers and a group of sophisticated ceramic and metallurgy specialists. If our standard product can not satisfy your operation demand, we can design and manufacture the most optimum products for your application.


-Ceramic Foam Filter-

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter
SiC Ceramic Foam Filter
Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

-Tower Packing-

Ceramic Random Packing
Metal Random Packing
Plastic Random Packing
Structured Packing

-Ceramic Honeycombs-

Infrared Ceramic Tile
Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate
RTO Honeycomb Ceramic
Diesel Particulate Filter
Honeycomb Foundry Filter


Chromium Metal
Alloying Tablets
Titanium Sponge
Molecular Sieves
Acid Resistant Ceramic
Inert Alumina Ceramic Balls

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